What is vintage?

Used item of clothing, 100% original, which testifies to the style of an era or a particular fashion creator.

"The word derives from the ancient French vendenge (in turn deriving from the Latin word vindēmia ) indicating in a generic sense the fine vintage wines.

The term vintage is also used to define period fashion understood as historical and cultural heritage represented by important clothing items, accessories, bijoux and other vanity objects. Commonly, this branch of vintage is referred to in French as mode vintage and in English as Vintage Fashion . The vintage dress or accessory differs and distinguishes itself from the generic "second hand" ( used ) since the main characteristic is not so much that of having been used in the past but rather the value that it has progressively acquired over time due to its qualities of unrepeatability and irreproducibility with the same high quality standards in the modern era, as well as for being testimony to the style of a bygone era and for having profoundly marked some iconic traits of a particular historical moment of fashion, customs, design, involving and influencing contemporary lifestyles."

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