NIKE Court Low white: ROPE Custom


NB: [Please note that no discounts, promos or offers are applicable on THIS PRODUCT]

The price includes:
-Nike Court Borough Low ORIGINAL.
-Customization (accurate)*.
- Rope laces already mounted (classic beige).
-Spare rope laces (color of your choice).
-Free shipping.

ps: if you want to add a third or fourth pair of laces, write to me on Instagram or via email.

*The term accurate refers to a customization technique that maintains all the original resistance and solidity of the structure, in particular of the LACE-GUARD of the shoe, with precise and clean results (unlike many who offer inexperienced and crude customization ).

This product requires a processing time of at least 3 days so shipping will take 5 to 10 working days.

It is made with Nike Air Force 1 ORIGINAL:
and you can choose whether to buy them NEW (complete with box, tag, receipt.)
or if you buy them USED (we will send you photos and videos of the condition of the shoe before you proceed with the payment).
Obviously with a price difference between NEW and USED.
the "rope laces" customization is carried out directly by our Annanovanta laboratory.

It is also a personalized product that CANNOT be purchased with cash on delivery.
If you don't have a card you can still purchase it with cash by top-up at any authorized tobacconist.

For further info write to me directly on Instagram or via email.

NB: [Please note that discounts are not applicable on THIS PRODUCT]