Polo Foulard Custom (on request)


ATTENTION : These are only example photos of my custom projects already sold, but you can choose and build your Custom from scratch.

What does BASE, PRO and EXTREME mean?

BASIC: You will be able to choose 1 modification to make to your Polo Foulard Custom.
Ex: yes choose to place the scarf halfway up the Polo vertically, horizontally, diagonally or on the back side of the Polo. 🔥

PROS: In addition to the changes present in the BASIC shape, you can choose to either change the collar (whole or half) or even change a sleeve 🔥

EXTREME: 🔥 No limits: Front, Back, Collar, Sleeve, choose the modifications and pattern you prefer and dare with the Style of your Extreme Custom Polo Scarf! ✨

How does it work?

1) Write me your size in chat.
2) I will send you photos of all the basic (vintage) polo shirts available in your size, so that you can choose the colors you prefer.
3) Of those you have chosen, I will send you at least 3-5 possible scarf combinations
4) Choose positioning and cut of the scarf
5) Enjoy your personalized Polo shirt UNIQUE IN THE WORLD!