[NEW WITH TAG!] Custom Black Bandana Heart Sweatshirt


✨This product has added value because it is hand customized by our tailoring workshop✨

De Nihilo Nihil: “Nothing comes from Nothing”.
This mantra sewn on my back,

it is my life philosophy for which I appreciate everything I have experienced and experience, because for better or for worse it has led me to who I am today and to doing the job I love.

"DE NIHILO NIHIL" is also what I bring into my creations: adding the emotions and experiences gained in my life to an industrial garment to make it unique.

And that's what I always push you to do every time I say: "let's design your custom together from scratch". So as to give you the opportunity to wear something unique, You.

PREPARATION AND SHIPPING INFO: This product must be ordered on request therefore it requires 2 working days for shipment from the supplier, 2 working days for preparation and another 24/48 working hours to reach the customer therefore the shipment will take place from 5 to 10 days working hours approximately.


NB No discounts are applicable and cash on delivery is not available for this item.


  • Condition: New with tag
  • Fit: Regular

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