Polo Foulard Custom (on request)


ATTENTION : These are only example photos of my custom projects already sold, but you can choose and build your Custom from scratch.

What does BASE, PRO and EXTREME mean?

BASIC: you can choose a modification to make to your Polo Foulard Custom. Choose to put the scarf halfway up the Polo vertically, horizontally or diagonally for an extravagant style or put the scarf on the back side of the Polo to remain basic on the front and surprise with the back 🔥

PROS: you will be able to choose two changes to make to your Polo Foulard Custom. Choose to put the scarf in half the Polo vertically, horizontally, diagonally or on the back and in addition you can choose to either change the collar (whole or half) or even change a sleeve 🔥

EXTREME: means that you can choose the number of changes you want 🔥 So go crazy and dare with the style of your unique custom polo scarf in the world! ✨

How does it work?

1) Write me your size in chat.
2) I will send you photos of all the basic (vintage) polo shirts available in your size, so that you can choose the colors you prefer.
3) Of those you have chosen, I will send you at least 3-5 possible scarf combinations
4) Choose positioning and cut of the scarf
5) Enjoy your personalized Polo shirt UNIQUE IN THE WORLD!

NB This item, being personalized, does not provide for exchanges or returns and does not have cash on delivery but only advance payment.